Your feeds, the way you want them.

Take control of your feeds with Lilina. Style your reader and add the features you want.

Download a Nightly Build

Please note that this is a development version and should not be used on a production site.
For nightly builds and source control information, see the download page.


Learn About the Features

  • Quick and easy installation — Get Lilina up and running in a matter of minutes. All you need is a web server and PHP.
  • Easy to use — Forget about "Atom" and "RSS". All you need to know is a website, and we'll handle the rest.
  • Read from anywhere — Read your news anywhere you want. All you need is a web browser!
  • Support for podcasts — Listen to all your favourite podcasts straight from your browser.
  • Limitless Capabilities — Extend Lilina with a plugin system that allows almost anything to be done.
  • Read the way you want to — Change the look of Lilina in an instant with flexible templates.

Get Some Support

We understand that sometimes, things don't just work or you can't seem to work an API call out. That's why we've made sure we have heaps of ways to get support.

  • Documentation Wiki — The wiki is our community editable knowledge base and the first point of reference for all users.
  • Forums — The forums are where our users interact with each other and the developers. Support, chat and otherwise is welcome here!
  • Issue Tracker — This is where we handle bugs and feature requests. Please note, support requests here will be removed.
  • IRC Chat — If you need support quickly, jump onto our chatroom, where we may be able to help you out.