How Do You Read Your Feeds?

As you may know if you’re following the development on Subversion, we’re experimenting with a few different templates.

For the future development of these, we’d like to hear from you: what are you looking for in your reader and how do you read your feeds?

(Further posts will be coming soon, I’ve been extremely busy in my “Real Life”™, however development is still continuing on Subversion)

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Discussion for “How Do You Read Your Feeds?”

  1. as i am using lilina to collect entries for the podcast directory i am building at, i’d love to be able to display fields like enclosures and such. something like “display feed source of this entry” would also be very helpful for me.

    great tool, rmmcue. happy hacking,

    - Burkhard (versuchsanstalt@#wordpress)

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