1.0 Beta 1

I’m proud to announce the first beta of Lilina 1.0 is now available for your testing pleasure!

The release of this beta brings with it a feature freeze. Any new features will be scheduled for 1.1 and will not make it into 1.0. The majority of development from now until release of 1.0 will focus on bug fixing and stabilising the code.

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Discussion for “1.0 Beta 1”

  1. Congratulations on that milestone – I shall give it a try. Or do you have a demo somewhere ? I have not found one on this site. Have you produced some performance benchmarks ? At the moment, my concern is CPU load for installations with between 100 and 400 feeds.

  2. There’s no demo (yet), however there will be one between now and 1.0 final. CPU load should be negated, if you use the new form of updating. The new way uses Ajax for updating, and has a separate HTTP request for each feed. To enable that, change your updating settings to “Manual”, and go to ?method=update when you wish to update.

  3.  Hi,

    You mention there is no demo (yet) Is there one available now? I like to try before I buy…

    Thanks Ryan…

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